Text Box: Are Catholics Christians?  Not so long ago I was having a discussion with a stranger while waiting in a line,  and  the subject of religion came up. I told him I was a Catholic and he then told me that he was a Christian. I asked him, “Don’t you think Catholics are Christians, and if not, why not?”  He responded, “Catholics believe things that are not in the Bible.” I acknowledged the truth of this statement. I went on to say that I knew Protestant Christians looked at the Bible as the only source of God’s revelations which is called Sola Scriptura. On the other hand, Catholics as members of the Church Jesus established, believe in Holy Scripture, Holy Tradition and the Magisterium to guide with authority God’s revelation, Furthermore, all Christians believe in the Trinity (three Persons in one God), Incarnation (God became man) and Grace (God’s actions in our lives).
For three hundred plus years after the Crucifixion of Jesus there was no Bible in an organized form. Saint Jerome, a Catholic monk, through the Catholic Church structure gae us the Canon of the Bible as we know it today. The early Text Box: Church fathers, through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, were able to spread the Good News of God’s revelation.  They drew their authority from the very first Christians, the Apostles, who were, in fact the first Bishops of the Church. The Apostolic Succession was estableided and so our priests, bishops and the Pope Text Box: are the “direct descendants” of the Apostles. Therefore, we can say with absolute certainty that we are Christians!
Now our one and only task is to live like Christians! From a Parishioner.
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