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“I will be with you always, even to the end of the world.” Mt.28:20

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VIRTUS Renewal: More Information on the way!

Important Information:

Any person who is involved in any ministry must be VIRTUS trained.

If they participate in a devotion then only the leader must be certified.

Each of the ministry heads turn in a current roster that is checked against our VIRTUS list, If a name is not on both lists they must go through the original training. They ministry head would inform the individual of that.

They register at and must pass the background check on the system. The class once a month and a photo is taken at that time which is used to make a badge. The badge must be worn whenever you are active in your ministry.

Once a year, you will receive a renewal notice from VIRTUS and a personal email from St Matthew Parish. You will then have 3 months to complete your training. If you are unable to complete your renewal /training then you will be unable to serve until the renewal is completed.

The original class is 2 hours and the renewal is 30 minutes

The following dates are for classes: RSVP for Class

Tuesday - VIRTUS renewal for year 1 and 2

· 7 pm in the conference room

Saturday - New VIRTUS training

· 9 am in the conference room

Tuesday -VIRTUS renewal year 1 and 2

· 7 pm in the conference room

Please call Colleen at the office for more information and/or to confirm your attendance for training. {space is limited}   (915)584-3461


Before you come to the Class Please view this video:

The following video is from Bishop Seitz concerning our diocese commitment to keeping our children safe.

Please watch the video and then register for the class online.

Thank you!






Colleen Bailey at St Matthew Parish Office for registration or other questions or concerns about the VIRTUS Training.


Text Box: Protecting God's Children: Read more below:

Register on line: