Text Box: Summer has almost arrived and with it our departure from the most sacred time of the church calendar. In what seems as only a few days or weeks ago we participated in the Holy Triduum concluding on the evening of Resurrection Sunday; followed by the Fifty days of Easter and then The Solemnities of both Pentecost and the Most Holy Trinity.
	During the celebration of the Easter Vigil we entered a dark church and with a single candle passed from one worshipper to another a light is brought forth as are the catechumens who are baptized, confirmed and receive their first Holy Communion this sacred night. The mysteries of our faith shared with those seeking the truth in this the spiritual spring of their lives whether young or old.
	Now it is nearly summer and some of us will chose higher elevations and cooler days and nights, others may opt for fly fishing vacations in Montana, Wyoming or Canada. Some Texans prefer to head east, west, north or south for towns and cities previously called home while others will remain here due to responsibility or economic restraint the new qualifier of “staycation” used by business networks to describe the vast numbers of families seeking to have fun on a budget.
Text Box: Reflections By Dr. Charlie Campbell

In the Year of Our Lord 2012                                          Summer Volume 6.2012



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Text Box: Some of us remain content couch or pew potatoes absorbing as much information about current events as possible through our phones, pads, televisions or towers. We may appreciate that the Olympics will be hosted this summer in London commencing late in July; and almost everyone is aware of our national, state and local elections set for the first Tuesday in November.
	Some readers know that Investigators, this last February, may have discovered the earliest evidence of Christian Iconography in Jerusalem. The ossuary carries a Greek inscription calling on god to “raise up” someone which is being interpreted as an early reference to the Biblical Resurrection of Jesus. [1] continued on page 2

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